Home Buyer Workshop

Having trouble coming up with enough cash for a down payment to purchase your first home?

Attend an HUD home buyer workshop in your area for free to learn about your options, and let us help you find the help you need to get the home you’ve always wanted.

What’s a Home Buyer Workshop?

First Time Home Buyers or clients who have not owned a home is the past three years who want to get help with closing costs and down payment are required to complete 8 hours of education and counseling from a HUD approved agency.

These workshops are designed to educate prospective buyers on the road to homeownership. Lenders, Real Estate Agents, Credit Counselors, home inspectors, insurance agents, Fair Housing and predatory lending prevention agents ensure that people know what these programs are about, and how they can use them for their benefit. They’ll also cover the roles of all the parties involved in the process, how to prepare to purchase a home, how credit, mortgage, and tax relief programs work and offer a one-on-one counseling session to help home buyers address their individual needs and concerns.

Additionally they’ll make sure that you’re aware of and can detect predatory lending practices and other dangerous financial schemes that can interfere with your success as a homeowner.

We’ll help you find HUD certified housing counselors and HUD certified homebuyer workshops in your area for no cost!

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