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Do you want to buy a house, but you’re having trouble saving the funds to put that large initial payment down on your mortgage?

Don’t despair! We can help you find solutions that’ll have you walking through your own front door in no time.

What’s a Mortgage Down Payment?

A down payment is a sum of money dependent on the purchase price of the home and the loan product selected. If you fail to make payments on your mortgage, the bank is at risk of losing money and you will be in default of the loan. This is where a Mortgage Grant comes in to help save the day.

Since many mortgages down payments reach costs in excess of $10,000 or more, many low and medium-income households in the U.S. have trouble saving up enough money to buy their own home. Luckily there is a variety of Foundation, government and nonprofit programs that can help.

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Our service will help you find grant listings that match your needs all over the state so you can get the assistance you need in finding a home.

You’ll have everything you need to make an informed decision, including

● State, Federal, and Private grants in your local area
● Guidelines, Income Charts, and Applications where applicable
● Grants that work for borrowers with different levels of income
● Grants that work with FHA/Conventional/VA and USDA type loans.
● and Census tract specific/Teacher next door programs.

In addition, we’ll help you find HUD certified housing counselors and HUD certified homebuyer workshops in your area, many counsel for a small fee or are FREE!