Mortgage Downpayment Assistance

Are big downpayments preventing you from taking out a mortgage to fulfill your homeownership dreams?

You don’t have to save money for years to take out a home loan. We’ll show you mortgage grants and down payment assistance programs that you can take advantage of in your area!

How Does Mortgage Downpayment Assistance Work?

Most mortgages require potential borrowers to submit about 20% of the total price of the home as a down payment before they can get access to a mortgage loan. That means that buyers have to save tens of thousands of dollars before they can even consider purchasing a home.

A mortgage downpayment assistance program is a type of mortgage grant that’s designed to make it easier for people and households with low and moderate incomes to overcome that enormous obstacle.

There are two major types of downpayment assistance that you might be able to take advantage of…

Interest Free DPA Loans

These are generally designed to cover about 3% of the sale price, up to $10,000 or sometimes even $15,000. As the name suggests, they’re loans, but they’re often interest free, so the debt won’t be dangerous to take on.

Conditional DPA Grants

These grants are a type of second mortgage that don’t require repayment at all, as long as the borrower meets certain conditions. These conditions are usually that the buyer lives in the home as their primary residence for a set number of years.

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Our service works to help you find DPA loan and grant listings that match your needs all over the state so that you can buy the home you’ve always dreamed of:

● State, Federal, and Private grants in your local area
● Guidelines, Income Charts, and Applications where applicable
● Grants that work for borrowers with different levels of income
● Grants that work with FHA/Conventional/VA and USDA type loans.
● and Census tract specific/Teacher next door programs.