Funds are available in North Lauderdale for their - CDBG PURCHASE ASSISTANCE PROGRAM

The program requirements are summarized as follows:

  • If you have not owned a home in the past three years and are interested in becoming a homeowner, the
  • City of North Lauderdale may have funds available for down payment and/or closing costs to income eligible homebuyers.

Program: Income eligible applicants will be awarded a maximum of $16,500 each in grant funds for lender required down payment and/or closing cost assistance. This assistance will help you purchase an eligible property (i.e., single family residence, townhome, condominium) and/or foreclosed properties, located anywhere within the City of North Lauderdale. Assistance will be in the form of an interest free loan requiring no repayment if program requirements are met. The property must be owner-occupied as the “primary residence” for ten (10) years after closing. If a default occurs, as defined by the grant guidelines, including but not limited to the rental of the home, you will be subject to repayment of the full loan amount as this constitutes a default. While no minimum household income is required, the applicant must have sufficient income to repay debt and maintain the housing unit.

Property must meet Housing Quality Standards as per 24 CFR 982.401. Property must be in immediately habitable condition (i.e., no significant or major repairs can be needed AND must have appliances or proof thereof). The City of North Lauderdale is not responsible for code violations, liens, open permits, or illegal structures. The City of North Lauderdale will not award subsidy financing if any code violations, liens, and/or open permits exist.

Security: The interest free loan will be secured by a second mortgage (lien) on the property.

Eligibility: Eligible households are those who HUD annual incomes are at or below eighty percent (80%) of Area Median Income and meet the following conditions:

  • Fixed Rate
  • 30 Year Term Mortgage not to exceed prime + two (2) points
  • Adjustable Rate
  • Mortgages are not eligible
  • No balloon payments
  • No prepayment penalties

Please note that funds for pre-qualified applicants are distributed on a ‘first ready, first qualified, first served’ basis. The City of North Lauderdale reserves the right to cancel any and all applications based on lack of funding availability.

As soon as your completed application is returned with all copies of the required documentation, it will be reviewed for eligibility.

Important: If you have owned residential property or commercial property within the last three (3) years.

You are not eligible for this program.

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