It’s tax season again, and before you make your list of cool new toys to buy with your refund, ask yourself this question: What if you could use that refund to buy a house?
Low interest rates, reduced prices and an array of down payment assistance programs have made this a good time to purchase a home in South Florida. Many people assume that they can't afford to purchase and sit on the sidelines waiting for a better time.
This January, Broward county’s Down Payment Assistance program will be introducing some important changes that you need to be aware of.
For many Americans, homeownership is a distant dream that seems out of reach. This year, you can change that! Homeownership isn’t just for a lucky few, it’s for everyone! Here are 8 Resolutions to get you into a new home in 2016!
Debt management is complicated, and requires clear thinking and, often, help from a professional. Even if you’re not in serious trouble yet, you’ll know that your debt burden is getting out of control if you’re spending a serious amount of money combating interest payments without being able to seriously dent the principal anymore.
Homeownership is quite possibly the oldest “American Dream” with one 2013 survey reporting 76% of respondents believe that owning a home is key to being condsidered middle class.

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