Debt management is complicated, and requires clear thinking and, often, help from a professional. Even if you’re not in serious trouble yet, you’ll know that your debt burden is getting out of control if you’re spending a serious amount of money combating interest payments without being able to seriously dent the principal anymore.
Homeownership is quite possibly the oldest “American Dream” with one 2013 survey reporting 76% of respondents believe that owning a home is key to being condsidered middle class.
The biggest concern for many homebuyers is their budget and the affordability of homes that they’re looking at. Fortunately, a lot of resources exist to provide financial assistance low and middle-income homebuyers. As a realtor, being aware of and educated about these opportunities in your local area can help you make the difference both for yourself and for your clients.
The 2008 collapse of the housing market put mortgages out of reach for a lot of first-time homebuyers. While consumer confidence is returning and things are improving, it’s still a major hurdle for a lot of families. Fortunately, some great tools now exist to give those families a hand in becoming homeowners. As a realtor it’s important to be aware of and know about these so that you can make sure your clients have a successful home-buying experience.
30-year, fixed-rate first mortgage loans originated by trained and approved lenders throughout the State of Florida. The program is offered to all borrowers who meet income, purchase price and other program guidelines, and can otherwise qualify for an FHA loan. Borrowers who qualify for an FHA first mortgage program are automatically qualified for one of Florida Housing's down payment assistance programs.
October 24, 2015: NAREB South Florida and MDEAT presents the SHIBA - State of Housing in Black America Consumer/Buyer Summit for first time buyers and existing homeowners!

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