When dreaming of owning a home, a lot of people get discouraged by the idea of saving enough money for the down payment. After all, the bigger the down payment the greater your buying options will be, but saving up any amount of money requires time and discipline. Let’s go over the basics of a down payment and then examine different sources of money that can help turn your down payment from an obstacle into an opportunity.
Grade Point Average, or GPA, is a concept most of us are familiar with from school. This magical number on a scale from 0.0 to 4.0 is used to show your current academic performance and predict future performance in a given class or subject.
It shocks me when I hear someone lackadaisically say, in seven years this debt will be gone. I think to myself, are you really not planning to use your credit for the next seven years? No, financing of any major purchases in seven whole years, nothing, nada!

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