Snapshot report is an up-to-date report which shows a complete list of all grants available in your county.
If you ask several people how long a negative item can stay on a credit report, most likely the majority of them will say seven years. If you ask them when the seven years starts, the answers usually become a little more convoluted. This is one of three time frames you should understand when it comes to collections accounts so you can avoid making a costly mistake.
You just checked your credit score online and it’s good enough to get that great financing offer you saw on a television commercial. You go down to the dealership, work everything out on the vehicle you’ve been wanting and then the finance guy tells you that you can’t have zero percent interest because your score is too low.
Becoming a homeowner is a huge undertaking. There are a lot of steps that involve people from multiple industries and some of those steps require money in advance. Mistakes in the purchase process can cost you anything from some of your time to hundreds of thousands of dollars.
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